How to Tell if it is Time for Engine Repair

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How to Tell if it is Time for Engine Repair

How to Tell if it is Time for Engine RepairCaring for your car isn't the hardest thing in the world, but it does take a little bit of effort, especially as the miles on the odometer begin to add up. As your car ages it may begin to present symptoms of trouble for this system or that. If you notice any of the following problems be sure to visit a local auto repair shop for engine diagnostics, as these issues could result in major engine damage if not taken care of as soon as they become present.

Decreased Performance

A decrease in performance can be caused by any number of issues. It may be something as small as a clogged fuel filter, to something as serious as a burnt valve. But if your car starts having trouble getting up to speed or is getting less than optimal fuel efficiency be sure to visit your local auto shop for further diagnostics.

Rough Idle/Stalling

Does your car tend to sputter while sitting at a stoplight? Has it simply shut off? This is a serious concern as it presents a safety issue. Many times this issue is caused by a fuel delivery problem or corroded spark plugs, both relatively easy issues to repair if they are addressed when they first begin.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light more often than not represents a relatively small problem under the hood when it first comes on, yet most people choose to ignore it. This allows the issue to grow worse and more expensive to fix.

Increased Exhaust Smoke

An increase in exhaust smoke is a sure sign of engine damage. Judging by the color of the smoke you can usually get an idea of what the problem is. Blue smoke indicates burning oil, white smoke is a sign of coolant leaking into the combustion chamber and black smoke means too much fuel is being used.

Knocking Noise

A knocking noise under the hood is often a sign of worn engine bearings. These bearings support the movement of parts inside the engine. If they fail due to poor lubrication or general high mileage wear and tear the engine could seize, which would result in a need for a complete engine rebuild or replacement.

When you experience any form of engine trouble don't delay having it checked out. For professional engine repair in Saratoga Springs take your car or truck to The Car Doctor Tire Pros. We service all makes and models and utilize the latest diagnostic and auto repair equipment, ensuring fast and effective repairs. Give us a call at (801) 701-3518 to request expert auto repair in Saratoga Springs today.

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