How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving

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How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter DrivingWinter is definitely upon us, which means you need to take a few precautions to ensure that your car or truck is safe to drive. By completing the following services and prep work you can rest easy knowing that you are less likely to end up stranded in the freezing cold. Number one? Always keep up with scheduled auto maintenance!

Ensure your up to date with scheduled auto maintenance. Keeping up with these necessary services will help prevent breakdowns that could leave you stuck in the middle of frozen nowhere.

Cold weather has a way of making issues such as hard starts, power loss, decreased acceleration and others get worse much quicker, so be sure to correct any current problems.

A properly working cooling system is key to a healthy engine during the cold months, as well as the sweltering summer. Is your car due for a coolant flush?

Check your battery to ensure that there is no corrosion on the connections and that the fluid levels are correct.

The days are short in the winter, which means you will be using your headlights, tail lights and driving lights much more often so be sure all lighting is working on your car.

Now is a good time of year to check your tires. Are they rated for the snow?

The roads are slicker when it's cold out, so be sure to drive slower and have your brakes checked to ensure maximum stopping power.

Replace wiper blades if necessary so you are sure to have a clear field of vision, even in the snow.

Test the heater and defrost before they become absolutely necessary to ensure you enjoy safe and comfortable winter cruising.

Replace the fuel filter, air filter and oil filter to help improve vehicle performance during the winter.

To get your car prepared for winter bring it to an expert auto maintenance shop that can provide any necessary services. For professional auto maintenance in Saratoga Springs, including winter prep, head to The Car Doctor Tire Pros. Our full service auto maintenance facility is staffed by friendly technicians who are standing by to serve you! Call us today at (801) 701-3518 to request superior auto repair in Saratoga Springs.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ

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