4 Signs Your Car Requires Suspension Repair

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4 Signs Your Car Requires Suspension Repair

Many people associate the suspension as a comfort feature, and while they are correct, it also has several other very important functions. The suspension is designed to keep all four wheels constantly on the ground to ensure that there is sufficient braking power and it also prevents the vehicle from rolling over or spinning out during cornering. If you experience any of these signs of suspension trouble be sure to head to a repair shop right away to get the problem resolved to keep your car comfortable and safe.

One Corner of the Vehicle Seems Low

If you ever noticed that your vehicle appears to have low corner you'll likely assume that you have a flat tire. If you find that all the tires are properly inflated you can likely conclude that there is a suspension problem. Worn suspension parts will cause the vehicle to not sit at a normal ride height. If one corner wears out before the others you will be able to notice it dipping. This issue will cause the vehicle to drift and speed up tire wear.

Oily Struts

If the struts are tired there's a good chance that they will begin to leak oil. The specialized liquid allows the vehicle to bounce up-and-down and quickly return to normal right height. If this oil begins to leak you will notice your ride becoming very stiff. This problem will require the replacement of the struts, as they cannot be reused or refilled.

Excessive Bounce

You can test your suspension by pushing on the hood or the trunk of the vehicle and getting it to bounce up-and-down. After stopping the forceful pushing the vehicle should return to a normal ride height within 3 to 4 bounces. If it continues to move up and down you can assume that there is in fact trouble with the suspension.

Rolling Sensation

One of the scariest symptoms of a failing suspension system is getting the sensation that your vehicle is going to roll over or spin out during cornering. This will be especially apparent during higher speeds. Your suspension has a part called the anti-swaybar which is designed to shift the center of gravity of the vehicle as you corner. If it fails it will be unable to do so which will result in this gut wrenching feeling.

The suspension plays an integral role in keeping your ride both comfy and safe, so be sure to conduct any repairs to the system as soon as they become apparent. For expert suspension repair in Saratoga Springs the place to go for service is The Car Doctors Tire Pros. We offer bumper to bumper auto repair and maintenance for all makes and models and we can set your ride up with a set of brand new tires to ensure comfortable and safe travels. Call us at (801) 701-3518 to schedule an appointment for auto repair in Saratoga Springs today!

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ

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