3 Symptoms of a Failing Clutch

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3 Symptoms of a Failing Clutch

3 Symptoms of a Failing ClutchDriving a stick shift car can be a real thrill. The control you have over your vehicle is exciting; the downshifting, acceleration and power you can exert with that extra pedal is unrivaled, regardless of the type of car you drive. Even getting behind the wheel of a 3 cylinder Metro with a 5 speed somehow gets the heart pumping! Ok, maybe not, but a stick shift certainly has its benefits, including the opportunity to increase your fuel mileage based on your driving habits. But the clutch does occasionally need repair, but before it fails completely it will likely let you know it's time to head to the repair shop by showing you at least one of these signs of clutch problems.

Burning Smell

More than likely the first sign of trouble you will encounter is the smell of burning paper. This is the scent of the clutch cooking because of excessive heat on a worn down clutch plate. The smell is often reminiscent of first learning to drive a stick and riding the clutch pedal, and you may encounter it if you often drive in bumper to bumper traffic. If this smell becomes a regular occurrence as you shift through the gears you're going to want to head to the transmission repair shop in order to have the clutch replaced or adjusted.

Sticky Clutch

Modern clutches use hydraulic linkage in order to engage. If the clutch pedal becomes spongy, loses resistance or if it seems to get stuck near the floor there is a good chance that there is a leak in the system which has caused a loss of pressure in the system. If this happens there is a good chance that the linkage will need to be replaced in order to restore the proper operation of the clutch. However there is also a good a possibility that the linkage just needs a quick adjustment!

Gear Slippage

If your vehicle seems to slip out of gear or if the car jerks forward as you drive for seemingly no reason at all then your clutch is more than likely worn down and needs to be replaced. Although an alternative problem that can cause this is an oil leak dripping onto the clutch plate, causing excessive lubrication, which can cause the same issues mentioned above. Head to the repair shop to get the problem properly diagnosed.

It is important to keep your clutch in good shape as it allows you to maintain full control of the power exerted by the engine. If you suspect that you need clutch repair in Saratoga Springs or the surrounding area reach out to The Car Doctor Tire Pros at (801) 701-3518 today. Our team of expert auto repair and maintenance techs can fix any issue your import, domestic or classic car may be suffering from. Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule professional auto repair in Saratoga Springs today!

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ

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