Does this mean my car needs transmission repair?

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Does this mean my car needs transmission repair?

Sometimes it can be rather easy to tell that there is a problem onboard your vehicle. More often than not if trouble is present you will notice a strange noise, smell or experience some other symptom of abnormality while conducting a certain action. This can definitely be said about transmission service. If you ever experience any of the following signs of trouble while shifting through the gears, whether it's an automatic or manual transmission vehicle, you will want to get to a repair shop as soon as possible to have the issue resolved.

Grinding noises when shifting

One of the most common signs of trouble when it comes to the transmission is a grinding noise that occurs as it shifts. This can be attributed to numerous different things, including a lack of transmission fluid. Get to the shop ASAP!

Delayed shifting (automatic transmission)

If your automatic transmission seems to pause while shifting from park to drive or in between gears it could be suffering from dirty transmission fluid. More than likely a transmission fluid flush will resolve the issue, unless you wait too long to visit the mechanic.

Burning smell (manual transmission)

Do you remember that awful smell that would arise when trying to accelerate from first gear as you were learning to drive a stick shift? That burning clutch smell would dissipate quickly, but if it arises now that you're a veteran of the standard, it likely means a clutch replacement is necessary.

Falling out of gear

If your transmission seems to pop out of gear into neutral or if it shifts between gears erratically you will want to visit a mechanic. This is a dangerous problem as it prevents you from properly controlling your car.

Vibrating shifter

Vibrations are a great way to determine if there is trouble in your car. If you feel the transmission's shifter vibrating constantly or while shifting it likely means there is a low level of transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid leak

Have you found a puddle of red fluid under your car in your driveway. You've just discovered a transmission fluid leak. It's time to get to the shop before your gears grind to a halt.

At The Car Doctors Tire Pros we offer transmission service in Saratoga Springs for most makes and models. Our full service auto repair shop is staffed by knowledgeable technicians. Call us today at (801) 701-3518 or stop by our shop for new tires or expert auto maintenance in Saratoga Springs.

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Written By Brian Corey

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