Must Know Tire Maintenance Tips

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Must Know Tire Maintenance Tips

Must Know Tire Maintenance TipsWhen most people think of auto maintenance, tires don't generally come to mind. But the tires are what keeps your vehicle planted on the ground, providing you with the traction you need for back of your seat acceleration and stop on a dime braking. It is important to take care of your tires so that they can take care of you while cruising down the street. Utilize these tire maintenance tips to keep your rubber in good condition and if it is time for new tires, don't delay purchasing them!

Visual inspection

Just taking a brief look at your tire every once in awhile can tell you a lot about their condition. Check for uneven wear, which can be caused alignment issues. Make sure the tires appear properly filled, and if your tire seems a little low on air check for glass, nails, screws or other debris stuck in the tread. Be sure to check for ripped or bubbling rubber on the tire's sidewall, as these can be imminent signs of a blowout.

Tire Rotation

Approximately every 10000 miles you need to rotate your tires to prevent two tires from going bald before the other two. This happens on cars that are either front or rear wheel drive because the tires that receive the power will wear quicker than the ones that are just along for the ride.

Low-pressure indicator

Do you know what your tires' air pressure rating is? The right pressure, measured in PSI, can generally be found in your owner's manual or on the inside of the driver's door jamb, or with any paperwork you receive when you buy new tires. Low tire pressure causes the outsides of the tire's tread to wear out faster than normal and it can lower fuel economy and reduce cornering abilities. Tires that are inflated too high can wear out the center of the tire's tread early, decreasing braking power and cornering control as well. Some new vehicles have a dashboard indicator light indicating tire pressure, but you can also purchase a small tire pressure reader for just a few dollars at your local auto parts shop.

If it is time for new tires in Saratoga Springs head to Car Doctors. Our team will be happy to help you select new tires that are perfect for your ride, no matter what you drive. To learn more about our services or to request an estimate for tire sales in Saratoga Springs give us a call at (801) 701-3518. We look forward to seeing you!

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