Is it Time for Transmission Service?

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Is it Time for Transmission Service?

Is it Time for Transmission Service?The transmission in your vehicle, whether it is an automatic, manual, or some combination of both of those styles, is tasked with transferring the power created by the engine to the wheels via the driveshaft. From time to time the transmission needs to be serviced to ensure it remains in proper operating condition. There are a few signs that it is time to take your car in for transmission service that you should pay attention for.

Grinding while shifting

Any time you experience odd noises while operating your vehicle it is a good idea to have them checked out. This is particularly true if you notice them reoccurring during certain actions. Grinding, squealing or whining noises that are apparent during shifting often indicate a need for transmission service.

Delayed shifting

If your automatic transmission does not shift immediately when you put the car in drive from park or if the engine revs high while it shifts between gears on its own there is a good chance that it is low on transmission fluid. Head into an auto repair shop to prevent further damage from happening.

Popping out of gear

One of the most scary signs of transmission issues is if the transmission suddenly pops out of gear. This tends to happen more with manual transmissions. This issue is dangerous because it will prevent you from having proper control over your vehicle, as you won't be able to control the speed of the car when it is in neutral.

Mileage points

The most important sign that it is time for transmission service is mileage points. Check your owner's manual to see when your car is due for service. By getting into the shop on time you can avoid the need for any extensive repairs.

Transmission fluid leak

Transmission fluid is generally a reddish color. If you find this leaking under your car you'll want to get to the repair shop right away as delaying service could spell disaster for your vehicle's transmission.

When it is time for transmission service in Saratoga Springs reach out to the team at The Car Doctor Tire Pros. We offer complete auto repair for all makes and models, ensuring you always have safe and reliable transportation. To learn more or to schedule any sort of auto repair in Saratoga Springs call us at (801) 701-3518 today.

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