Does My Car Need a Timing Belt Replacement?

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Does My Car Need a Timing Belt Replacement?

Does My Car Need a Timing Belt Replacement?There is a reason auto maintenance schedules exist for all cars. It's to try and eliminate the need for major auto repairs. Engine parts won't last forever due to the constant changes in temperature they go through, along with starting and stopping and other harsh operating conditions they endure. By sticking to your factory maintenance plan you can avoid the chance of your timing belt snapping and causing major engine damage. For most cars this service needs to be done every about every 70,000 miles or so, but be sure to consult your owner's manual to find out when this service needs to be completed for your vehicle so you can have this small part replaced before it causes thousands of dollars in preventable damage.

What is the timing belt?

This small, toothed belt connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, which regulates the valve timing. This ensure that the valves are opening and closing at the right time to prevent misfiring and keep the engine running smooth. While this belt is very durable it can break, and if it does the pistons will bang against the valves, damaging the engine and racking up major repair costs.

When should the timing belt be replaced?

If you check your owner's manual you will see that timing belt replacement is a regular part of your auto maintenance, and for most cars it is performed between 70,000-110,000 miles. Replacing the timing belt averages a few hundred dollars, varying car to car, but it's absolutely necessary you do it. It will save you thousands down the road.

Signs of a failing timing belt

Be aware that the timing belt can fail with no signs of trouble, which is why it is important to conduct this service within the recommended window. However there are a few sypmtoms to be aware of that the timing belt may be failing.

Black Exhaust - Thick black exhaust smoke indicates excessive fuel is being burnt in the engine, which may be caused due to the valves failing to properly open and close.

  • Black Exhaust - Thick black exhaust smoke indicates excessive fuel is being burnt in the engine, which may be caused due to the valves failing to properly open and close.
  • Bad Vibrations - If the timing belt loses teeth or becomes stretched out it may throw off the engine's timing, resulting in very noticeable engine shaking.
  • Hard Starting. While starting issues can be caused by numerous issues, ignition timing is one of the possible problems. Always have a professional auto repair mechanic diagnose the problem.

Remember, timing belt replacement is a small investment compared to what you'll be paying if the belt snaps! If you need timing belt repair in Saratoga Springs bring your vehicle to The Car Doctor Tire Pros. We aim to ensure your car is fixed right the first time, no matter what sort of auto repair it needs. To request a quote or to schedule expert auto repair in Saratoga Springs give us a call at (801) 701-3518 today.

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