Spring Tire Checklist

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Spring Tire Checklist

Spring Tire ChecklistYour car's tires are what connect it to the ground, so it's easy to understand why they are so important. As we head into the spring and summer driving seasons it is important that we give the rubber an important inspection. A healthy set of tires is important for numerous reasons, including, but not limited to ride comfort, maximum fuel efficiency, steering control and proper braking. Before you take off on any long trips this summer be sure to consider this spring tire checklist.

Is it time for new tires?

There are several way to tell if it is time for new tires, but perhaps the simplest method is to check the date you purchased your current tires. Most automakers recommend purchasing new tires at least every six years to ensure maximum safety, while some tire manufacturers state their rubber can last for 10 years with average driving. Another popular method of checking tire tread wear is if you can see the top of Lincoln's head when a penny is put in the tread, head down. Additionally you'll want to check for cracked or bubbling rubber on the sidewall, which also indicate it is time for new tires.

Do your tires need air?

If your car is not due for new tires it doesn't mean that your tires are good to go as is. There's a few important things to check for, including air pressure. Underinflated tires make the engine work harder, which can greatly decrease your fuel efficiency. Air pressure is measured in PSI, or pounds per square inch, and this number can be found on the tire's sidewall markings. Most service stations offer a free PSI meter.

Is it time for a tire rotation and balance?

To decrease tread wear be sure to have your tires rotated annually or every 10,000 miles. This will increase the life of your tires significantly. At the same time a technician can check that your tires are properly balanced, which will help ensure proper control.

Is it time for a wheel alignment?

Does your car seem to drift to one side? Is your steering wheel shaky? These are often indicators that your car needs a wheel alignment. Alignment can be thrown off due to run ins with potholes, curbs or due to other accidents, but also after many miles of normal driving. Proper alignment ensures safe control and maximum fuel efficiency, and it extends the life of tires.

Check your tires before hitting the road this spring to ensure your car is safe to drive and will get maximum fuel efficiency. If it is time for new tires in Saratoga Springs head to Car Doctors. Our team of expert tire service technicians will be glad to help in any manner they can. To learn more about our selection of tires for sale in Saratoga Springs or to schedule other types of tire or auto maintenance give us a call at (801) 701-3518 today!

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