10 Tips to Keep You Car Safe & Reliable

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10 Tips to Keep You Car Safe & Reliable

10 Tips to Keep You Car Safe & ReliableDriving a vehicle that is not in good condition can be very dangerous. Automobiles are designed to travel safely at upwards of 80 mph, but even an incident at 10, 20 or 30 mph can cause great harm to people and property. While it should go without saying, buckle your seat belt, put down your phone and eyes on the road. Aside from that you can keep your journey safe by utilizing these automotive safety tips.

Oil Changes

The number one thing you can do for your car is keep up with oil changes. Fresh oil will prevent harsh friction in the engine which can cause major damage, resulting in an unsafe breakdown.


Always be sure that all vehicle lights are working. This includes the headlights, tail lights, brake lights, reverse lights, blinkers and parking lights. For your own safety be sure your dash and interior lights work as well.


You never know when you'll get caught in a downpour. Replace the wipers when they can no longer clear the windshield of water with ease.


It's important that you regularly check on your car's tires. Balding tread, cracked rubber or bubbling sidewalls are all indication that it is time for new tires.

Brake Service

The brakes are your car's number 1 safety feature. If you suspect brake trouble get to the repair shop immediately.

Scheduled Auto Maintenance

Keeping up with factory auto maintenance needs will lessen the chances of a breakdown that could leave you as a hazard in the middle of the road.

Pay Attention to Indicator Lights

If any dashboard warning lights come on you'll need diagnostics immediately. This includes the check engine light, ABS light, ALT light, TPMS light and others.

Strange Noises

Weird sounds made by your car need to be checked out to prevent on board failures.

Safety Kit

To be prepared for anything you should carry a safety kit that includes traffic triangles, flares, water, first aid kit and jumper cables.

It's your responsibility to keep your car safe and reliable. If you need assistance with any sort of auto maintenance in Saratoga Springs be sure to visit Car Doctors. We offer superior auto maintenance and repair for all cars and trucks so you can feel safe and comfortable during your commutes. Give us a call today at (801) 701-3518 to request expert auto maintenance in Saratoga Springs!

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