5 Signs of a Failing Water Pump

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5 Signs of a Failing Water Pump

The water pump in your vehicle is an extremely vital part. It is what continually pushes coolant and water through the engine, keeping it cool and protecting it from overheating. If the water pump fails your engine's operating temperature will skyrocket, resulting in overheating problems that can lead to much bigger issues. It is important to be aware of the signs of water pump failure so that you can have the broken part repaired prior to larger problems occurring. If you experience any of these issues be sure to have a mechanic double check and repair it as necessary.

Coolant Leak

A coolant leak can come from many different areas of the cooling system, the water pump being one of them. Regardless of where the leak is coming from you will need to have this problem repaired since a lack of coolant in the cooling system will lead to overheating.

Dashboard Indicator Light

Vehicles are full of dashboard indicator lights to inform drivers of multiple issues, such as the check engine light. Your car likely has a cooling system light that will say something like "Low Coolant" or it will be an image of a thermostat. If these lights come on you'll want to visit the auto shop to find out what the problem is, but often times it's related to a faulty water pump.

Rising Temperature Gauge

Another indication of a failing water pump that is pretty straightforward is the temperature gauge rising to the red zone. While this can represent a few different cooling system problems one of them is a failed water pump because it is no longer able to pump the coolant that keeps your engine cool.

Grinding Noise

If your car has been running hot according to the dashboard gauge pop the hood and start your car. You will want to listen for a low-pitched grinding noise coming from the front area of the engine. If the bearings in the water pump have failed you will be able to hear this odd noise quite easily.

Loose Water Pump Pulley

Locate the water pump and find the area that the belt wraps around. Try and push and pull this part, called the pulley, and see if it is loose. If it is easily shaken around the bearing may have gone bad and the water pump will need to be replaced.

The water pump is an integral part of the cooling system and if you believe you're having any trouble with it or other parts of the cooling system be sure to head to the mechanic right away to avoid overheating and engine problems. If you need water pump repair in Saratoga Springs head to Car Doctors. We can quickly diagnose the issue with your water pump or cooling system and have you on your way in no time! We complete all types of auto repair for import and domestic vehicles, so any time you need maintenance, new tires or auto repair in Saratoga Springs or the surrounding area call us today at (801) 701-3518 to schedule an appointment!

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