What Does Colored Exhaust Smoke Mean?

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What Does Colored Exhaust Smoke Mean?

What Does Colored Exhaust Smoke Mean?Your car or truck is designed to produce as little amount of emissions as possible. Unless you drive a zero emissions, fully electric vehicle, there will always be some amount of exhaust coming out of your tailpipe. Generally you can't see the exhaust, except for sometimes on colder morning, in which even a healthy car's exhaust will appear slightly whiter than normal. However if your vehicle is experiencing some sort of engine problem it may begin to produce colored exhaust smoke. You can often tell by the color of the smoke what the actual problem is. If you experience blue, black or white exhaust it is imperative that you reach out to an auto repair shop right away to obtain a proper diagnosis.

Blue Exhaust

Likely the most common colored exhaust issue is blue smoke that represents an oil leak. Oil leaks can be disastrous depending on how serious they are, but they should always be fixed as soon as they are noticed as they can cause environmental issues. If oil is being burnt up in the engine you'll want to find out where the leak is as soon as possible in order to have it fixed prior to the engine being oil starved and freezing up.

Black Exhaust

If your car is producing large amounts of black smoke there's a strong chance that there is some sort of overflow of gasoline in the motor. Excessive amounts of gas being burnt in the combustion chamber of the engine will result in the black clouds exiting out the rear of your car. Not only does this mean you're wasting gas and getting horrible fuel efficiency, it could spell disaster for your motor. A couple of the most common issues related to this problem include leaking fuel injectors, dirty or faulty MAF or O2 sensors or even a clogged air filter. Be sure to visit the mechanic right away to have this issue properly diagnosed.

White Exhaust

Large amounts of white exhaust generally indicates a coolant leak inside the engine. Coolant leaks are rather dangerous for your vehicle as it means the engine is at high risk of overheating, which could lead to extensive engine damage. As soon as you notice an increase in smoke coming from your tailpipe you'll want to make an appointment to have the problem resolved. A cooling system leak inside the engine may indicate a cracked block, which could result in a need for an engine replacement, but often times the repair will be much less complex.

Being able to quickly pinpoint problems with your own two eyes is always nice, so that way you know it's time to get to the shop. If you are experiencing colored exhaust and believe that your car needs engine repair in Saratoga Springs or the neighboring communities be sure to visit The Car Doctor Tire Pros. Our auto repair experts will work quickly to identify and repair any trouble your import or domestic vehicle is suffering from. Give us a call at (801) 701-3518 to schedule an appointment for expert auto repair in Saratoga Springs today.

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